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February 2017
Give Kids A Smile puts grins on JPS students’ faces02/09/2015
July 2017
Top UMMC stories in 201407/03/2017
Fit-ting for all: Courthouse agreement ushers in medically related wellness07/03/2017
2015 brings New Year, new baby07/03/2017
Tournament hits a hole in $1M for Mississippi's children07/03/2017
Growing UMMC’s current, future leaders07/03/2017
Research as a career? Teens try it on for size07/03/2017
Physician, family discuss Helena White’s ‘remarkable’ recovery07/03/2017
2020 Vision: New strategic plan emphasizes mission integration, individual performance07/03/2017
MLK’s legacy honored as exemplar for care givers07/03/2017
Elton John AIDS Foundation renews grant with UMMC physician07/03/2017
Tupelo pediatric clinic offers subspecialty care near home07/03/2017
Two finalists named for vice chancellor post07/03/2017
Canvas, yes; Blackboard, no: Software switch looms07/03/2017
Faculty network gives postdoctoral fellows needed support07/03/2017
Community screening program spreads gospel of healthy habits07/03/2017
Students stage surprise for ‘surrogate mom’07/03/2017
Dr. Charles O’Mara: Relationship-builder on, off campus07/03/2017
Low-dose CT screen better pinpoints lung cancer07/03/2017
Researchers prove rodent brains can be rewired to treat autism-like symptoms07/03/2017
VC finalists give vision for Medical Center07/03/2017
Boot-scootin’ on a new leg: Patients travel far for prosthetic expertise07/03/2017
All aboard! Gladys Knight to play Jackson concert to benefit MIND Center07/03/2017
Bidding Adieu to Taste of the U07/03/2017
UMMC dons red for heart disease awareness07/03/2017
UMMC, researcher awarded U.S. patent for eye treatment07/03/2017
American Physiological Society elects 9th president with UMMC ties07/03/2017
Mississippi native chosen to lead Medical Center07/03/2017
Not ready for retirement? Here's how to get on track07/03/2017
Patient falls: First predict, then prevent07/03/2017
Brunson tapped for IHL diversity educator award07/03/2017
Planned Jackson technology center to include new home for UMMC telehealth07/03/2017
Hospital expansion will 'transform' health care for Mississippi's children07/03/2017
Class Act: Standardized patients sharpen students’ clinical skills07/03/2017
Health-care company invests in Jackson to fight HIV epidemic07/03/2017
Turning up the volume: Patient numbers reaching all-time highs07/03/2017
What a Night(ingale) – UMMC nurses achieve statewide stardom07/03/2017
Patient safety: It’s a family affair07/03/2017
Uniform connections: Military ranks high in these staffers’ lives07/03/2017
50 or older? Get screened and join the 70X2020 Initiative07/03/2017
SHRP: One for all, all for one07/03/2017
UMMC physician honored for visionary work with women07/03/2017
Today's dental students, tomorrow's policy makers07/03/2017
Array of specialty care, all under one roof07/03/2017
Clinics tackle children's growing problem07/03/2017
Hip digs to be a hop from UMMC, Fondren shopping scene07/03/2017
On Match Day, suspense reigns as med students reveal residency fates07/03/2017
MIND Center has fantastic Knight!07/03/2017
Sequel to Marston Symposium set, registration announced07/03/2017
Take a break to donate during next week's blood drive07/03/2017
UM, UMMC schools engage elementary students at Delta career fair07/03/2017
UMMC, Millsaps volunteers give students a piece of their minds07/03/2017
BankPlus check card raises $627,195 for Friends of Children's Hospital07/03/2017
Interprofessional learning focus of ASB sessions07/03/2017
Friends of Children's Hospital celebrates 25 years of giving07/03/2017
Research Day shines light on UMMC faculty, students07/03/2017
SRT nurses poised to provide world-class care for catastrophe victims07/03/2017
Veterinarian takes leadership role in laboratory animal care group07/03/2017
Numerous “spice” overdoses put health officials on high alert07/03/2017
‘CRITTers’ initiative bridges breach between town and gown07/03/2017
New law addresses HIV exposure uncertainty07/03/2017
Senator gets a glimpse at life-saving telecommunications07/03/2017
More patients treated at UMMC for ‘spice’ overdose07/03/2017
New CMO: A leader in patient quality outcomes07/03/2017
The day the residents resigned still resonates at Medical Center07/03/2017
UM, UMMC Research Day showcases best of scientific studies07/03/2017
Health-care innovator Joyce Caracci squeezes most from life, careers07/03/2017
Medical students are happy to 'Be The Match'07/03/2017
No falling down on the job: Patient care team garners safety award07/03/2017
Study finds gene affecting thinking skills07/03/2017
CSI: UMMC - Toxicologists ID'ing over-spiced drug compounds07/03/2017
Organ donation leaves lasting legacy07/03/2017
Hughes’ gift to MIND Center may help ‘save the next generation’07/03/2017
To care for whole patient, look at whole picture07/03/2017
Listeria bacteria? It’s bigger than Blue Bell07/03/2017
Center focuses on overlooked population07/03/2017
Researcher: Hyperactive movements help ADHD children learn07/03/2017
Batson Children’s Hospital patient surprised by former Ole Miss quarterback07/03/2017
Fifty livers in two years: UMMC transplant program thriving07/03/2017
UMMC grad returns to give distinguished lecture07/03/2017
Newborn screening for heart defects becomes mandatory07/03/2017
TeleMIND brings specialty health care to rural clinic07/03/2017
Braves game, food trucks, employee meal highlight Hospital Week07/03/2017
People of the U: Dr. Nina Washington07/03/2017
Mother’s milk remains key to child’s future health07/03/2017
To test, or not to test?07/03/2017
New peds chair celebrates honoree, recipient’s dedication to children07/03/2017
Family learns to live with food allergy07/03/2017
Medical Center's preeminent TEACHer earns singular honor07/03/2017
Celebrating UMMC’s 15 years with Holmes County07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: SOP's Gross sisters07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: Steele stays SHRP07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: SOM quintet is pitch perfect07/03/2017
Heart-health study highlights risks for African-Americans07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: From drug rep to D.M.D.07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: Grad researcher nets catfish study07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: SON grad gives props to Plum07/03/2017
UMMC clinicians, researchers tackle preeclampsia07/03/2017
When it comes to skin cancer, prevention is key07/03/2017
Class of 2015’s new focus: A healthier Mississippi07/03/2017
Dan Jones will join UMMC to help lead obesity research efforts07/03/2017
People of the U: Dean "Miranda" James07/03/2017
UMMC Holmes County receives needed update07/03/2017
Hop on the quarterly blood drive's Road to Life07/03/2017
Snagging a real fixer-upper07/03/2017
Reluctance to see doctor among key men’s health issues07/03/2017
Thanks to Chen, patients see the light07/03/2017
UMMC honors distinguished faculty07/03/2017
People of the U: Alexander Soloveichik07/03/2017
Research, relationships road to reducing health disparities07/03/2017
Predicting a patient’s health path07/03/2017
Bang from fireworks just as dangerous as potential for burns, experts say07/03/2017
For students of psychiatry, it’s drive time07/03/2017
Hearing today can be gone tomorrow07/03/2017
People of the U: Troy Bunn07/03/2017
Five-year milestone at UMMC Grants Ferry07/03/2017
SHRP's online programs show Quality Matters07/03/2017
Typically disregarded brain lesions may warn of heightened stroke risk07/03/2017
People of the U: Marcus Blanton07/03/2017
Teacher's pets: Dogs help therapists mend bodies, hearts07/03/2017
Integrative medicine: body, mind and soul07/03/2017
People of the U: Dr. Larry Creswell07/03/2017
Collaborative brings state's clinicians together for mothers, babies07/03/2017
Specialty headache care gives patients hope07/03/2017
Lessons in leadership07/03/2017
UMMC clinics are patients’ home base for care07/03/2017
Hearin grants help UMMC keep ‘best, brightest’ SOD, SHRP scholars07/03/2017
New mental health clinic extends care, compassion to LGBT community07/03/2017
People of the U: Alex Mullen07/03/2017
Giving patient safety a voice07/03/2017
Medical Center celebrates distinguished alum, Hall of Famers07/03/2017
Research yields possible new cancer therapy07/03/2017
Female surgeons making a cut on the bias07/03/2017
Mosley tells Alzheimer’s conference what we know, what we need to know07/03/2017
New teeth, new jawbone – all in a day07/03/2017
Mann of the hour revives Department of Preventive Medicine07/03/2017
People of the U: Kelli Irby07/03/2017
Rooming-in option keeps baby by mom’s side07/03/2017
‘Country girl,’ city doctor07/03/2017
‘Golden Grads’ marvel at alma mater’s evolution07/03/2017
New grant to create one-stop shops for mental and physical health needs07/03/2017
Crowder shapes vision for ophthalmology07/03/2017
Suzan Thames surprised by tribute from Friends07/03/2017
A decade after the devastation, UMMC’s response still resonates07/03/2017
Ketogenic diet can bring success when epilepsy medications fail07/03/2017
Schwartz Center honors Boyte for compassionate care07/03/2017
People of the U: Keith Armstrong07/03/2017
Blood pressure: How low should you go?07/03/2017
Hand hygiene: every time, all the time!07/03/2017
Children’s Palliative Care Team brings home international award07/03/2017
Adolescent medicine experts ease teen transition to adulthood07/03/2017
Edelman lecturer explains nation’s deeper pockets, shorter lives07/03/2017
UMMC researcher: CT texture may improve melanoma survival predictions07/03/2017
UMMC Holmes County wound care program thriving07/03/2017
White House AIDS czar crusades for universal prevention, care07/03/2017
Jackson-Williams guides new/old Office of Medical Education07/03/2017
Junior League mamas keep on rockin’ in the NICU07/03/2017
Revised, streamlined announcements address risks, decrease confusion07/03/2017
Campaign helps employees contribute to UMMC's missions07/03/2017
Just when is it time for an antibiotic?07/03/2017
SurviveMiss aims to help young breast cancer survivors thrive07/03/2017
Mass-casualty drill tests mettle of emergency responders07/03/2017
Centers’ focus shifting to medically integrated wellness, fitness07/03/2017
Teen clinic promotes healthy choices, healthy futures07/03/2017
Clinical Intranet gives providers another tool to deliver quality care07/03/2017
People of the U: Dr. Fred Rushton07/03/2017
Heart is center of 'family' reunion07/03/2017
Addressing frailty enhances transplant success07/03/2017
Quality care, quality performance means better outcomes07/03/2017
School of Dentistry search down to two07/03/2017
New physical therapy program helps improve breast cancer patients’ outcomes07/03/2017
Students and post-docs in spotlight at Grad School Research Day07/03/2017
Unlocking the secrets of sepsis07/03/2017
Rural communities benefiting from UMMC clinics07/03/2017
Students teach students the importance of hand hygiene07/03/2017
Vitter pledges his support for UMMC, medical research07/03/2017
Cruse, Lewis, Corbett retire after a combined 100-plus years of service07/03/2017
First-time hospital collaboration puts patients ahead of competition07/03/2017
Not just donors, but families, make gift of life possible07/03/2017
Former first twin visits, reads to Batson patients07/03/2017
Front-line caregivers keep patients safe07/03/2017
State’s reduction in preterm births garners national March of Dimes award07/03/2017
Faculty, staff recognized for research excellence07/03/2017
Physiology still matters, says Mayo Clinic’s Joyner07/03/2017
UMMC family to get first crack at Meridian apartments07/03/2017
Promise of 3-D printing looms – in duplicate07/03/2017
Don’t let the flu shot deadline fly by07/03/2017
Ringing the bell: a celebration of life, family and beating cancer07/03/2017
SOD dean candidate's focus: collaborative leadership, dentistry's future07/03/2017
Departure lounge new amenity for discharged patients07/03/2017
Extra staff, efficiency make for shorter ED waits07/03/2017
Heart for service + love of people = volunteers of the year07/03/2017
Frankie sticks with the job – for 50 years07/03/2017
Pursuing the goal of zero harm07/03/2017
Dean candidate outlines strategy for moving SOD forward07/03/2017
Boyte named Schwartz Center National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year07/03/2017
Delta doctor is champion of rural health care07/03/2017
JPS students entertain a career in health care07/03/2017
SPRINT leads to new blood pressure guidelines07/03/2017
Future of alumni relations written in the STARS07/03/2017
People of the U: Dr. Mark Reed07/03/2017
Researchers, molecules team up to fight kidney disease07/03/2017
Electronic cigarettes: harmless hobby or gateway drug?07/03/2017
Felton chosen to be new dean of School of Dentistry07/03/2017
Study examines weight-loss surgery's potential effects on offspring07/03/2017
Grenada, Biloxi transplant clinics enhance access to care07/03/2017
People of the U: Miriam Shufelt07/03/2017
Recruitment day confronts drop in black male medical students07/03/2017
ED, rehab services updates give UMMC Holmes County patients a boost07/03/2017
Vitter: UM, UMMC collaboration promotes growth, success07/03/2017
Up in Farms Food Hub brings farm to table07/03/2017
New endowment to attract, retain dental hygiene students07/03/2017
People of the U: Dr. Mitzi Norris07/03/2017
UMMC education offerings grow by a few degrees07/03/2017
Memory serves M2 Alex Mullen, new world mental athlete champion07/03/2017
Elderly often haunted by ghosts of holidays past and present07/03/2017
UMMC security guard Mattie Amos remembered with gifts for babies07/03/2017
Batson Children’s Hospital to tighten security in 201607/03/2017
Santa, Gov. Bryant, entourage of elves bring Christmas to Batson patients07/03/2017
Nursing alum's real estate gift secures endowment, seals legacy07/03/2017
Taste milestone marked by miracles, healing07/03/2017
Not ready for retirement? Here's how to get on track07/03/2017
Woodward, in driver’s seat, plans to step on the gas07/03/2017
Endowed psychiatry fund supports lectureship, residents07/03/2017
#UMMCGrad15: SOP's Gross sisters07/03/2017
Saving a life in nonclinical areas now within reach07/03/2017
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