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The Growing Goal

The Growing Goal

Children’s of Mississippi is the overarching organization that includes Batson Children’s Hospital – the only hospital in Mississippi dedicated to caring for children – and all pediatric care at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and its statewide network of outpatient clinics for children.

The organization has served Mississippi’s children and their families since 1968, providing child-centered care in a child-friendly environment unlike any other in the state.

Children’s of Mississippi cares for more than 180,000 children each year. In terms of lives saved and children healed, the outcomes at Children’s of Mississippi are among the best in the country.

But when it comes to the facility itself, Mississippi’s children and families deserve better.

The modern medical advances taking place every day at Children’s have outgrown the current hospital, which was not designed to support the level of care Children’s now provides.

The Growing campaign will fund the construction of a new hospital building and a dramatic renovation of the existing space. The new facilities will support Children’s of Mississippi world-class doctors and staff and the already excellent level of care they provide.

Most importantly, this project will help save the lives and improve the health of Mississippi’s children.

Dr. LouAnn Woodward

"This forward-thinking campaign for our children is without question the direction Mississippi should take to have a healthier state today and in the years ahead. The need is great. The stakes are high. There is no room for mediocrity if Mississippi is to move out of last place in so many categories. We are Children’s of Mississippi. We own the responsibility to develop world-class facilities for our children. If we don’t answer this call, no one will."

— LOUANN WOODWARD, MD, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Help Children’s of Mississippi Grow so Mississippi’s Children Can Grow.

The monetary goal for the Growing campaign is an ambitious $100 million. The heartfelt goal for the Growing campaign is to give all of Mississippi’s children a stronger chance for a full and healthy life.

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