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Outpatient Specialty Clinics

Outpatient Specialty Clinics

Many of Mississippi’s children receive ongoing care through the Children’s Jackson-area outpatient clinics, which are spread across the UMMC campus. Children with chronic illnesses or serious health conditions may need to see as many as four or five specialists in multiple clinic locations on the same day.

The state-of the-art Eli Manning Children’s Clinics provide non-emergency care and wellness care for more than 3,700 children per year, and is in need of more space to serve the growing number of Mississippi children who rely on its services.

A new facility is needed in which patients and families can receive the specialized care they require and where multiple physicians can confer about shared cases, all in one, central location.

The Growing campaign will provide a central, expanded Eli Manning Children’s Clinic, where patients will receive treatment from multiple specialists in one facility.

Mary Taylor

"There’s a very low turnover in clinic staff, which means a lot to us since Kingston comes to the clinics so often. He never gets scared because he’s grown up with everyone here."


Marcus and Elizabeth’s son, Kingston, has been treated by the cardiac specialists at Children’s since birth.

Help Children’s of Mississippi Grow so Mississippi’s Children Can Grow.

The monetary goal for the Growing campaign is an ambitious $100 million. The heartfelt goal for the Growing campaign is to give all of Mississippi’s children a stronger chance for a full and healthy life.

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