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The Children’s Heart Center and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Children's Heart Center

Children's Heart Center

The Heart Center at Children’s of Mississippi offers expert care for congenital heart problems. The Heart Center performs more than 400 procedures each year, with outcomes on par with the largest pediatric heart programs in the country.

While the care provided by the Children’s Heart Center is exceptional, the facilities were not designed to accommodate today’s complex medical procedures. Operating rooms are limited in number, size, and design. Doctors perform the most intricate pediatric surgeries in operating rooms designed for simple procedures.

The operating rooms are located on multiple floors, requiring fragile patients to use public elevators and hallways to travel from one treatment area to another. A shortage of operating rooms makes scheduling life-saving procedures for multiple patients a constant challenge.

Cardiac patients and other critically ill children are cared for in the cardiac intensive care unit, a section of the Croft pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). The open-plan PICU offers little privacy.

A small, often-crowded waiting area directly off of the public elevator offers no quiet space for worried family members in need of sleep or peace.

The Growing Campaign will provide:

  • Additional, larger, and better-equipped operating rooms
  • A layout that reduces the need to move fragile patients over long distances
  • A renovated PICU with more privacy for patients and families
  • Comfortable, quiet waiting areas out of the public eye
Mary Taylor

"Children’s of Mississippi already has the best medical talent and provides the best care in this part of the country. What we don't have is the infrastructure. This campaign can take us to the next level, which is as close to perfect as we can get in medicine."

— MARY TAYLOR, MD, Suzan B. Thames Chair in Pediatrics

Help Children’s of Mississippi Grow so Mississippi’s Children Can Grow.

The monetary goal for the Growing campaign is an ambitious $100 million. The heartfelt goal for the Growing campaign is to give all of Mississippi’s children a stronger chance for a full and healthy life.

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