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This project has the potential to save lives and improve the health of generations of Mississippi’s children.

Abby and Eli Manning

“When you join us in supporting the campaign
for Children’s of Mississippi, you’ll be giving Mississippi’s sickest children new hope. There’s no better feeling than knowing you played a part in giving a child a chance to grow up.”

— Abby and Eli Manning, Growing Campaign Honorary Chairs

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Our NICU never closes and never turns away a baby in need.

The NICU cares for as many as 102 babies in a space that, according to national NICU standards, should hold just 30.

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Children’s Does not have a dedicated facility for pediatric imaging.

Pediatric patients in need of MRIs or CT scans must be transported to the adult imaging area, where the equipment is designed for adults rather than for children.

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Abby and Eli Manning

“This campaign will mean better outcomes for children, better research, and more doctors staying in Mississippi because they have the right facilities in which to practice. This campaign isn’t just for the children who need it today. It’s a campaign for future generations.”

— Kathy and Joe Sanderson, Growing campaign chairs

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Doctors perform complex surgeries in operating rooms designed for simple procedures.

The Heart Center has outcomes on par with the largest pediatric heart programs in the country, but the facilities are limited in size, design, and number.

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Kristel Robinson and her son, Aiden

"Think about what you love most about Mississippi, and it’s that sense of family. You get the same level of medical care at Children’s of Mississippi that you would get anywhere else, but what you also get at Children’s is the love, compassion, and sense of family that you don’t get anywhere else." — KRISTEL ROBINSON AND HER SON, AIDEN

Outpatient clinics are spread throughout the hospital campus.

A new outpatient space is needed where patients and families can receive the specialized care they need from multiple physicians in one, central location.

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Improvements are needed throughout the hospital.

The Growing campaign will provide critical enhancements to Mississippi’s only pediatric emergency room, as well as to the Children’s trauma unit and the Children’s Cancer Center.

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Help Children’s of Mississippi Grow so Mississippi’s Children Can Grow.

The monetary goal for the Growing campaign is an ambitious $100 million. The heartfelt goal for the Growing campaign is to give all of Mississippi’s children a stronger chance for a full and healthy life.

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